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How We Help

You have one life, one shot at reaching your goals, and one opportunity to retire right. At Fontaine Retirement Group, we desire success. Not just for ourselves, but for every individual we serve. Because every person deserves to get retirement right, the first time.

In theory, retirement is a stress-free time in life that is to be enjoyed with your toes in the sand, and your cares drifting away with the sea breeze. While this retirement fantasy can certainly become reality, the majority of Americans will spend retirement anxious and concerned. They will worry about where their next paycheck will come from, how to navigate social security benefits, and whether they will outlive their money.

The truth is, these concerns are valid and widespread among pre-retirees and retirees. They are also avoidable.

At Fontaine Retirement Group, we will partner and provide you with customized guidance in all areas of your financial life. By aligning your investments, retirement, taxes, estate planning and insurance, we are able to design an overall financial plan that is both comprehensive and effective. Our hands-on approach means that we will remain actively involved in the progress of your plan so that when the inevitability of change occurs, we are there to make adjustments and keep your plan on the right track.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a plan in place, or have never considered working with a financial planner in the past. We will resolve any confusion you feel, or misguided advice you have received, and replace it with the confidence your years of hard work deserves.